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Aircraft Booking and Real Time AutoLog Flight Records, Flight Invoicing, Aircraft Hours, Tech Log Entries

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The Online-Platform for General Aviation Aircraft Operations

By CavOK Ltd.

It's about time! 
Aircraft operations involve multiple activities all of which require flight record information; aircraft owners, commercial and group operators and maintenance and engineering organisations all require access to accurate records of aircraft movements, flight times and maintenance records. Within General Aviation this has resulted in an excessive amount of paperwork and has created a significant administrative and cost burden for all concerned. In practice delays and inefficiencies in information distribution lead to inaccurate record keeping, delayed invoicing and last minute demands for aircraft maintenance.

Welcome to CloudBaseGA

CloudBaseGA AutoLog enables all interested parties to view aircraft records at the end of each flight. Within typically a couple of minutes of shutting down the aircraft flight log is updated, the flight can be invoiced and current maintenance records viewed. No need for Group/Syndicate administrators to retrieve the paper flight logs from the aircraft.

How it works

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Created for:

Flying Groups
Commercial Flying Clubs
Aircraft Leasing Companies
Maintenance Organisations & CAMO's

Leading Edge Technology

Wireless technology captures flight data automatically. No need for pilot interaction.

Simple Setup - Unit is a simple mod installation by your engineer & Online access to data is simple and intuitive to use.

Easy Use - End user web application is simple and intuitive, flight invoicing becomes simple & flight data sharing a straightforward task.

Transparency & Control - Complete control of perfectly accurate flight data

Completely Compatible - With our other software in the QuDieM range »

Benefits for light aircraft operators, owners, engineers and pilots

  • On-Line booking for authorised members.
  • Automatic update of flight logs.
  • Simple invoicing process immediately on aircraft's return.
  • Flight invoices e-mailed to members.
  • Flight records accessible by all administrative team.
  • Administrative functions may be carried out in multiple locations.
  • Aircraft, engine and propeller logs available in-house or to 3rd parties.
  • Records available to Owners, CAMO's, Engineering.
  • Location of aircraft at power off included in flight record.
  • Real time view of accurate aircraft hours simplifies administration.
  • Visibility of aircraft bookings.
  • Real time view of aircraft hours.
  • Aircraft hours summary for operator invoicing.
  • Visibility of maintenance records.
  • Reduced administration paperwork.
  • Location of aircraft at power off included in flight record.
Aircraft Maintenance Organisations and CAMO's
  • Real time view of aircraft hours helping you plan maintenance efficiently.
  • Accurate aircraft hours.
  • Reduced administration paperwork.
  • Print airframe, engine and propeller logs on custom labels for insertion into log books.
  • Multiple Flying Club membership
  • Book aircraft for yourself or a colleague
  • View Aircraft Next Check Hours
  • View Aircraft Major Maintenance information
  • Record and View Aircraft Deferred Defects
  • View Flight Records
  • Authorised pilots can self invoice
  • Organise Fly-outs
  • Simple communication with fellow pilots


Pricing options ensure affordability for low and high activity aircraft with the basic CloudBaseGA web application available FREE to all users.