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Aircraft Booking and Real Time AutoLog Flight Records, Flight Invoicing, Aircraft Hours, Tech Log Entries

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The Online-Platform for General Aviation Aircraft Operations

By CavOK Ltd.

Frequently Asked Questions.

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How does CloudBaseGA work?

Timed flight data is automatically compiled and at the end of each flight uploads via the GSM mobile network to the CloudBaseGA central server. Flight data is retained and re-sent if required until confirmation is received from the server that the flight data has been received and processed.

Flight data is analysed and flight records detailing the Aircraft Registration, Flight ID, Date, Brakes-Off time, Take-off Time, Landing Time, Brakes-On time and Location at end of flight are recorded on the CloudBaseGA server.

Does the unit have to be installed by an engineer?

Yes. In order to provide reliable data capture service the unit will need to be installed by an engineer and we provide all the necessary Minor Mod paperwork. Download Installation Instructions

How easy is it to install?

Relatively quick and cheaply. Full installation instructions are provided and your engineer can advise you on the best approach. Download Installation Instructions

How accurate is the data?

Data is captured to the second. You will nolonger be reliant upon a pilot's manual recordings.

What does the FREE user web application do?

The FREE CloudBaseGA user web application in addition to an on-line booking system, also enables registered users and those they authorise to download records for their aircraft via the internet. Formatted Tech Log labels for insertion in Airframe, Engine and Propeller log books may be printed and flights invoiced. Maintenance calculations are always recorded in flight time. Pilots’ invoices may be generated and distributed by e-mail and you can select whether you invoice in "block" or "flight time" dependent on your set up.

Can it calculate the VAT too?

Yes. VAT income reports are included.

Is the user web application easy to use?

Yes. The web application is very straigtforward. We have designed the system to be easy to use and navigate.

Can I have two or three separate charge rates on the aircraft?

Yes. You can set two charegable rates and a 'no charge' rate for any maintenance flights.

Can fuel payments be reimbursed within an invoice?

Yes. Just enter the amount when as part of preparing the member invoices.

Can I make manual flight entries on the user application?


What if I require more functionality?

If you require much more than the above, have a look at our QuDieM » system for the complete flying school management solution.

What is my minimum commitment?

12 months. Although, we believe once you get it you will never want to be without it!

Can I buy the equipment?

The equipment is never owned by you. Ownership of the boxes remains with CavOK Ltd. You simply pay a subscription to use the service and a charge per flight to cover data costs.

Do you do discounts for a large number of aircraft?

We have spent a lot of time creating a competitive pricing package that suits all types of users and sadly no discounts are available. However, as a loyalty reward, we do promise that we will NEVER increase your subscription rates all the while you maintain your payments and remain a customer.

Will it work in a helicopter?


Are there any upgrades planned?

We are always looking to improve the software and welcome any feedback on the system and ideas to add to its functionality.